Xavier Jackson is one of the four main characters of the Doctor Who Spin-off series, Dusk: New Breed. He is the leader of the Omega Krius Dusk Initiative.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Xavier's early life except that he was born in the Omega Krius. His family were constantly having to protect him from Dusk that had invaded the colony. Constantly being saved by the Dusk Initiative, Xavier looked up to them as heroes.

Wife and KidsEdit

When he grew older, he met Elena Hartell, a Medical Scientist in the colony. After a year of dating, the two were married. They had two sons, Jake and Walter. Shortly after arriving home from a Star Cruise, Xavier was recruited into the Dusk Initiative. During an invasion of the colony by the Dusk, Xavier failed to save his family, who were Extinguished by the Dusk.

Aftermath of InvasionEdit

As a result of his family being Extinguished, Xavier became more determined than ever to kill as many Dusk as possible. He was driven to the brink of insanity, but soon recovered after realising that it wouldn't help the situation.


Xavier is a very joyful person who tries to make everything fun. He constantly puts his life at risk to have fun. Occasionally, the thought of his family being Extinguished sends him into a mini-mental break down.


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