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warriors of the ice is the third episode of season season zero. it stars christopher eccleston kimberly williams and walter foley.


stephan and martha must keep her true identity secret from the doctor or destroy time itself. also who is murdering people in tibet? is it a yeti or something more dangerous?


The episode begins with Stephan walking in on “Martha” with her mark on her arm that identifies her as the doctor’s daughter jenny exposed by her room’s ov light. She convinces Stephan that if the doctor knew it might destroy the universe. They then replace the ov light in her room and head to the console room where the doctor tells them there going to Tibet to sample some yak steak. When they arrive in yaghtu a usually very busy town in the Himalayas they find it almost deserted. They find out this because a strange creature has been killing yaks and mountain climbers. They join up with a expedition (lead by French game hunter john Pierre) who are going up the mountain to hunt the creature who everybody believes is a yeti but the doctor. Halfway up the slope they are attacked by the creature who is an ice warrior not a yeti. During the attack john is killed and jenny is wounded. While the rest of the party continues up the mountain Stephan takes jenny back to the village. On the way down however they are once again attacked by the ice warrior who Stephan accidentally knocks him over the edge. The wounded ice warrior returns to his ship where he finds the doctor waiting for him. The doctor offers to take him back home. The warrior declines and fires on the doctor. The doctor escapes the ship and then blows it up. He returns to rest of the party and meets up with Stephan and jenny on the way down. They stay at the village long enough to eat some yak (witch no one likes but the doctor). When they are leaving however a strange old man warns them “they are returning” before dying. They then leave