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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 20 December 2012

Best bits of the TARDIS

Since the new TARDIS Design has been revealed, I've decided I'm going to use Google SketchUp to make my own redesign, purely for fun. Honest to god, not for my user series. I have a history of people assuming that when I talk about this sort of thing, it's for my series. Swear to god, it isn't. So what I'm asking YOU is, what parts of the TARDIS do you like? BTW, I want it to be more futuristic looking than what we've become used to in the last few years. So, favourite parts of the TARDIS console room. If I have time I might go beyond the console room, but no guarantees.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 27 February 2012

The new series plan

Me and Truedoc have decided on a new idea, to get the series flowing better. Rather than taking t one series at a time, everyone will have their own series running simultaneously. So I'll start Series II soon, and Styracosaurus Rider is doing Series III, then whoever gets in first, gets the series after. It has to have the current Doctor, and it will be in the two hundred year gap between god complex and closing time. The series don't have to be 13 eps, they canbe less. You can also invite others to write for the series. As a result of this, I will be starting a second series to run simultaneous with my Series II, and will involve my 'Third Sanctum Project'. This idea was thought of because of people being held back by the people writing e…

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 5 December 2011

the Jacques Perspective: Episode Q&A

I created this blog so people can ask me questions about my episodes/series. I will try to answer as quick as possible. But the time it takes for me to answer will vary.

  • No questions about me. (eg. Why are you so awesome?)
  • No questions about simple things. (eg. Why is the sky blue?)

Apart from that, ask away!

PS. I won't answer questions that have ridiculously bad grammar. That'll teach you.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 1 December 2011

Dusk - the Scare Factor

Okay, so I was wondering... How scary do you think the Dusk are? Just post a comment giving a rating out of 10.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 7 September 2011

Karlel's past

Karlel is a fan-made character of mine who is set to appear in the end of the first half of Series II. His page and history are already in his article (Well, what HE knows about his history). But not all of it is quite as told. There's alot to Karlel that even he doesn't know. The Xyvak know everything about him (Truth be told, they were apart of it), his parents didn't know anything, and Karlel especially doesn't know.

So I'm going to let you have a go and piece together the clues leading up to the Epic Grand Series! The second two-parter of that series will reveal alot, and the finale will reveal most of the rest. So good luck. I doubt anyone will figure out everything. In fact, I haven't figured out everything (Well, I DO need to make it in…

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