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The Silence: they are SO Steven Moffat style.


I get my name from a Calvin and Hobbes strip. I'm a fan of many things (paleontology among them), but one of my favs is DOCTOR WHO!!!!

It all started in 2005, when The Unquiet Dead aired on American television (yes I'm a USA-an. Or whatever.) My reaction was "Blue ghosts. Weird."

And then the Slitheen came, and I said "Aliens crashing into a giant clock. Cool!"

And it all went from there...

I also design wordmarks for wikis, and write cool fanfiction on other fanon wikis. See Jurassic Park IV: Extinction for my best so far, a whopping 10,000 + word, 72,000 + byte story.

I am most active on the Multiverses Wiki, where I also write fiction. I also co-write many pieces...look at Metamorphosis, Awakening, and Skrapping for some of the best.

I mostly use this page to keep track of what eps I've written and the story involved in making it.

Series I[]

The Enemy Within[]

Episode 5 of the series, and the one that I am writing currently.

The War of Theta Kappa/Forgotten Monsters[]

This is the first story I thought of, and it features a returning element from the pre-2005 series...

The Earthen Terror[]

A rather late addition to the eps, this one is set in ancient China.