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How My Fandom Started[]

School Reunion. That's where it started. Sarah Jane, The Doctor, Krillitanes, TARDIS, Rose, Mickey. Loved it. First episode I'd ever seen, and it was great! Then came the cybermen's return shortly after, brilliant! The Beast, Fantastique! Series 3, Series 4, end of reality, Davros, Daleks. Tritovores, Stingray-aliens, sentient water, the Master again! The end of TIME, the regeneration, Matt Smith, Amy Pond, Atraxi, Winders, new Daleks, Weeping Angels, Vampires, the

Mukuro Rokuda, a character from Reborn! Tennantfan's favorite manga series.

Dream Lord, Silurians, Van Goph, tardis copy, Pandorica, alliance, end of the universe. Flying sharks and the Silence. Doctor Who in summary: BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love writing stories involving the Doctor and his adventures, and that's how I found Doctor Who Fanon wiki and then here, Doctor Who Series Wiki!

The Story of Dusk[]

In 2009, I came up with a race that exist only in the light. Throughout the many depictions of done of them,

A Dusk's physical form leaving existence.

they've changed to be the opposite, so they only exist in the dark. I named them Dusk. The race is called Dusk, not the Dusk, and individuals are called Dusk. Eg. "He's a Dusk!"

an awesome pic I found.

WRONG! "He's Dusk!" Wrong! "It's Dusk!" RIGHT! It's named this way because it makes them seem more mysterious. Dusk are by far favourite fan made alien as they are scary, intelligent (you'll find out just HOW intelligent over the next two series), ugly (well, they are alien) and they scare the Doctor. The fact that the Doctor admitted his fear of them is a great achievement. Dusk are also a sort of 'logo' now, just cause I think they're brilliant! Also, it's quite obvious that we don't know everything about them. So bit by bit, they'll find out more and more about Dusk.

My favorite pages[]

the Tennantfan Epilogues[]

I have now started writing short Epilogues to my episodes, starting with Dawn and Dusk. All will be set after the Doctor leaves the location the episode was set in. Link: Tennantfan Epilogues