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There are three things you need to know about me:

  • I live in Australia.
  • I'm 11.3
  • According to Time Guardian's scoring system, My Nerd Points are 5.5 and my Fan points are 15.

No one's reading this, are they?

Well, fine. Don't read it.

Uhh... That's it.

I said, that's it.

Okay, that is getting REALLY annoying.

Stop it!!!

I quit.

I mean it!

Stop It!

Really! STOP IT!

Okay! Fine! Forget it!

I'll just keep doing this!

Thank God that's over!

What? It's not?

Damn it!

I'm leaving.

What? I can't!

Well I am anyway!

Kill me now.

Then cremate my body.

Then get my ashes put in a small cannister and sent into space.

Then explode space.

Then drown the explosion.

Then stab the ocean you drowned it in.

Then shoot the knife.

Then bury the gun.

Then stomp on the ground you buried it under.

Then slice off your feet.

Then shred them in a blender.

Then feed the result to a dog.

Have the dog put down.

Then suffocate the vet with a plastic bag.

Then fill the plastic bag with nuclear waste.

Then throw it off a cliff.

And bury it under a pile of rocks.

Then crush them into sand.

Then put it in a blender.

With some cyanide.

And some Milk.

Feed the result to someone.

Put them in front of a Dalek.

That should ensure I stay dead forever *Echo: Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever! Ever!