The Time Lords were once one of the most powerful races in the universe but after the last great Time War only a few survived

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The Eleventh Doctor

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A survivor of the Time War, Morbius is cold and distant person. He isn't quick to trust people and, unlike the Doctor, will do whatever it takes to save his decimated species. He believes that there are many Time Lords still scattered across reality and believes that they must be found. Unlike the Doctor, Morbius upholds the Time Lords' non-interference policy to the point of openly arguing with the Doctor over the issue, only violating it ether by accident or to preserve the established history, namely by stopping others from altering history. He believes that the ends justify the means and as a result he's not unwilling to sacrifice lives for the greater good.

The ControllerEdit

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Sa'h in his first regeneration cycle

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Jenny, the Doctor's daughter

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