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the nobel savage is the second episode of season season zero. it stars christopher eccleston kimberly williams and walter foley.


captured, the doctor and stephan must fight for there lifes in a brutal arena. also they meet a strange young women who is not who she seems.


The doctor and Stephan are sight-seeing in the gamma forest when they are captured by pirates. They are taken to condor 5 were they are sold to the proprietor of a massive gladiator arena. There the guards use special ov light to uncover a mark on the doctor’s arm identifying him as “house of shara, third generation and ninth incarnation”. Despite this they are still frown into the arena. There they must battle a Krafayis some judoon and grask and even a reprogrammed dalek shell. They are eventually joined by a smart young woman claiming to be Martha noble. They escape by causing the Krafayis to rampage distracting the guards so they can escape back to the tardis where Martha accepts the doctors and Stephan’s offer to join them in there travel’s. Later in her room (witch is lit by ov light) she studies the mark on her arm witch identifies her as “house of shara, fourth generation and third incarnation”.