the eye of orbit is the first episode of season season zero. it stars christopher eccleston and walter foley.


while vacationing at outpost six the doctor discovers a evil plot, powerful object and a new companion.


The doctor is vacating at outpost 6 (a space station ran by human looking bajorians) when he sees several guards chasing another bajorian. The doctor manages to confuse the guards and escape with the fleeing bajorian who says his name is Stephan. He revels that the station manager takills plans to sell the eye of orbit (a powerful and valuable object) to the sontarans. This would give him enough money to overthrow the bajorian government. But since takills is a harsh dictator Stephan is trying to stop him. After listing the doctor decides to help Stephan and despite several close calls with the guards both of them make it back to the tardis. They disapear and reaper on the bridge where the doctor distracts takills by pretending to be the sontarans spokesperson while Stephan steals the eye. They both escape the guards in the tardis. The sontarans angry at takills for forfeiting on there deal take all his wealth. After stowing the eye in his room the doctor offers to take Stephan as a companion. Stephan gladly accepts.

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