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Sa'h in his first regeneration cycle

The Legacy of S'ah is a new series starring Benedict Cumberbatch as S'ah.


S'ah is one of the last Time Lords in existence and he travels the universe with his companion in the TARDIS. He saves civilisations from numerous enemies, normally without them even knowing.

He was born in the middle of a war between the Time Lords and Daleks and was brought up to believe that it was the only way to go about life, till he met a man called The Doctor. Who showed him how the Time Lords should live. Protecting people.

Series 1[]


  • Benedict Cumberbatch as S'ah

Series 1 Main Cast


  • Sarah Hyland as Destiny Shaw (Ep 1-13)
  • Jeremy Davies as Karl Fisher (Ep 6-10)

Other main character(s)[]

  • Robert De Niro as Chandler Korpes


Number Title By Notes
1 Hero of Time TheTrueDoc Introduction of S'ah and Destiny Shaw
2 Leap of Faith TheTrueDoc Introduction of Chandler Korpes
3 Destiny's Fate Opalsaloony

Part 1: The Saviour of the Time Lords

Part 2: Rebirth

TheTrueDoc Appearance of the Daleks
6 New Britan TheTrueDoc Introduction of Karl Fisher
7 Touch of an Angel TheTrueDoc

Evil Intentions

TheTrueDoc Reapperance of Chandler Korpes

Part 1:TBA

Part 2:TBA

TheTrueDoc Departure of Karl Fisher
11 TBA TheTrueDoc

Part 1:TBA

Part 2:TBA

TheTrueDoc Reapperance of Chandler Korpes