The Guardians are an ancient order of (initially) renegade Time Lords who wanted to make a difference to the universe. In the old days, they were widely believed to be rogues and criminals by the majority of Time Lord Society, but a few individuals (along with the Doctor) consider them to be heroes to the cosmos.

Rassilon Era IncarnationsEdit

The order has been destroyed and rebuilt several times. To date there have been four incarnations.

First IncarnationEdit


Name Species Position Status
The Ancient Gallifreyan (Time Lord) Leader of the Guardians Deceased (Executed)
Millennia Gallifreyan (Time Lady) Historian/Second-in-Command Deceased (Executed)
The Wanderer Gallifreyan (Time Lady) Negotiator Inacive (Exiled)
"Omega Rho" Gallifreyan (Time Lord) Weapons Expert Inacive (Exiled)
Nimah Sillurian Science Advisor Inactive (Retired)
Von-Ra Judoon Weapons Expert Inactive (Retired)
David Stiles Human "A free thinker" Deceased (Killed)


The first incarnation was created by the Ancient. A Time Lord that became inspired by what he saw in the Untempered Schism to fight against injustice wherever it may be. As he grew older he became a vigilante, uniting three other Time Lords, the historian Millennia, former diplomat the Wanderer and former guard Omega Rho, to his cause and leaving Gallifrey in a stolen TARDIS. The four began meddling in history, attemping to change it for the better. They soon recruited a sillurian scientest named Nimah, the Judoon mercenary Von-Ra and 19th century adventurer David Stiles to their cause.

Unfortunately after a failed attempt to end a planetary civil war decades early, which resulted in Stiles' death, the Celestial Intervention Agency was able to track them down, capture them, and put them on trial. They returned Nimah and Von-Ra to their respective places in time and space and erased their memories of ever traveling in time, and exiled the Wanderer and Omega Rho to a primitive planet. As for the Ancient and Milennia, they were sentinced to death and were executed ending the first incarnation of the order, but not before the Ancient warning the council of the Guardians' inevitable return.

Second Incarnation (The Deca)Edit

Third Incarnation (Time War Incarnation)Edit

Post-Time War IncarnationsEdit

Forth Incarnation (Current Incarnation)Edit

Name Species Position Status
Morbius Gallifreyan (Time Lord) Leader of the Guardians Active
Jenny Gallifreyan (Time Lady) Second-in-command Active
Jack Reynolds Human Weapons Expert Active
Allan Smith Human Historian Active
Samantha Jones Human Negotiator Active

Bases of OperationsEdit

The Ancient's TARDISEdit

Drax' TARDISEdit

126th Time Lord Assault FleetEdit

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