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The Guardians is a spin-off seires of Doctor Who.


The series revolves around the latest incarnation of a legendary group of time travelers called the Guardians. According to legend the group was initially composed of renegade Time Lords who opposed the Gallifreyan non-interference policy, but soon evolved to encompass many different species (including Silurians and Humans).


The Guardians[]

  • Morbius (Bradley James) - A Time Lord survivor of the Time War and the leader of the Guardians. He explores the universe in search of other survivors.
  • Jenny (Georgia Moffett) - The Doctor's daughter. She joined the Guardians after Morbius discovered her.
  • Jack Reynolds (Sendhil Ramamurthy) - A 51st century time agent-turned-smuggler, he acts as the Guardians' weapons expert.
  • Allan Smith (Milo Ventimiglia) - Jack's partner in (almost) every way, his encyclopedic knowledge of Earth's history proves to be a great asset to the group.
  • Samantha Jones (Indira Varma) - A 21st century journalist who stumbles into a universe of alien life when an alien ship crash-lands right next to her. She acts as a stereotypical companion to the team although she does prove herself to be a valuable member of the group.

Main Villains[]

  • The Controller (Andrew Garfield) - A rogue Time Lord and Morbius' rival in every way. He's conceived as the Master to Morbius' Doctor.
  • The Darkening (Hugo Weaving) - An energy/psychic entity and the main villain of the first Series. It seeks to dominate the entire universe by plundging it into darkness (hence the name).

Faction Paradox[]

A space-time terrorist organization/voodoo cult. Faction Paradox seeks to control and reshape the Web of Time to suit their design. With the majority of Time Lords now gone they've become more active in their attempts at temporal domination.

  • Grandfather Paradox (Callum Blue) - The leader of Faction Paradox.
  • Father Maar (Tom Hardy) - A Dalek/Time Lord hybrid and the Faction's second-in-command. He's Morbius' personal archenemy in Series 3.


Series 1[]

SN Title Writer Synopsis
1A. The Darkest Hour Martin McIntosh Morbius discovers that he's not the last Time Lord when he meets Jenny. As the two arrive on Earth they discover that an old rival of Morbius and his allies are poised to strike.
1B. Dawn of the Guardians Martin McIntosh An new light in the dark takes shape in the form of the Guardians. But can they stop the Controller form taking over Earth and the rest of the universe?

The Eyes of March

Mark Joselin Jenny and Morbius investigate an appearing portable toilety. They find it is an empty TARDIS and go look for the Timelord. They soon find a castle haunted by a ghost and a man who can see the future. What could happen next? The eyes of March may stir...
3. The Prophecy Martin McIntosh An accidental engagement with Sontaran forces the Guardians to land on a Rutan colony whose inhabitants have an unsetteling prophecy for Morbius.
4A. Destiny's End Martin McIntosh Jenny is kidnapped by a Dalek squad forcing Morbius to rescue her. It's not long before she starts behaving strange, forcing a race against time to prevent the end of the Time Lord race.
4B. Flashpoint Martin McIntosh The Guardians are running out of time as a Dalek fleet is approaching and Jenny's condition is getting worse by the second. Hope remains as an ancient outpost may just be the key to victory.
6. The Degradation of Time Martin McIntosh

A temporal shockwave brings the Guardians to a future colony where a strange warrior has begun a process which will spell doom for the cosmos if it were to succeed.

7A. Calling to Battle Martin McIntosh TBA
7B. The Darksmith Collective Martin McIntosh TBA
9A. The Rift is Opening Martin McIntosh TBA
9B. Darkness Falls Martin McIntosh TBA

Series 2[]

SN Title Writer Summary
10. Entropy and Chaos Martin McIntosh TBA
11. Future Tense Martin McIntosh TBA
12. The Evil Within Martin McIntosh TBA
13A. TIme's Eclipse (Part 1) Martin McIntosh TBA
13A. Shockwave (Part 2) Martin McIntosh TBA
14. The Rani Experiment Martin McIntosh TBA
15. Countdown Martin McIntosh TBA
16A. The Lost Dimension (Part 1) Martin McIntosh TBA
16B. Shatered Reality (Part 2) Martin McIntosh TBA
17. The Art Paradox Martin McIntosh TBA
18. Deadly Years Martin McIntosh TBA
19A. Counterpoint (Part 1) Martin McIntosh TBA
19B. Anti-Time (Part 2) Martin McIntosh TBA
20. Desert Crossing Martin McIntosh TBA
21. The Shadow of Evil Martin McIntosh TBA
22A. Human Error (Part 1) Martin McIntosh TBA
22B. Race Against Time (Part 2) Martin McIntosh TBA
22C. The Big Game (Part 3) Martin McIntosh TBA