Season 1Edit

Title. Doctor. Companions. Enemy. Summary. Number. Notes.
Rose And Her Doctor. 9th. Rose, River Song. Pzezz, Daleks, Cybermen, the Master, Autons, Weeping Angels, Davros, Siltheen, Sea Devils. The Doctor meets a girl called Rose Tyler who is being channeled by Pzezz to get to the Doctor. But when the Doctor takes Rose to a space station orbiting Earth, all the Doctor's greatest foes are there! 1. NA.
The Grand Allience. 9th. Rose. Zeezytrons. The Doctor takes Rose to a burning planet, with only one specis remaining. Rose insists on saving the Zeezytrons, but the Doctor refuses; saying that history must run it's course. 2. NA.
Ice In Diamonds. 9th. Rose. Mammoths. The Doctor intends to take Rose to the Stone Age but the TARDIS lands in the Ice Age. The Mammoths are actually from another solar system, the same solar system as the Doctor. The Doctor attempts to make peace with the Mammoths but they try to posse Rose. 3. NA.
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