The Darkness

Created by:


First Appearance

The Dark Side of the Moon

Against Doctor:

Eleventh Doctor

Against Companions

  • Amy Pond
  • Rory Williams
  • Kitty(Guest)

Lives in:


Home World:

Gallifrey (He was once a timelord; Evolved)

Second Appearance:

When Luka met Kitty


  • Kouming-Bird
  • Rory Williams

The Darkness was the main enemy in S1.12 The Dark Side of the Moon and S2.2 When Luka met Kitty. It was once a timelord but evolved after feasting off time energy.

Timeline (Using Age)Edit

12 - Started feeling overshadowed by the Doctor and the Master, who were extremely popular

90 - Tried to kill the Doctor at the Medusa Cascade, however the Doctor stopped him and gave him a drop of time energy, which started an addiction

123 - Started going mad

189 - Was part of the High Gallifreyan Council

214 - Left the Council

356 - Started evolving

592 - Finished evolving, looking nothing like he once did

593 - Forgot his whole life and started planet hopping looking for time energy

772 - Met the Ninth Doctor and Rose who made time energy poisonous uness the person had time or space travelled

814 - Hid on a space ship heading to the Dark Side of the Moon, killing many and taking complete control of one

815 - Met the eleventh Doctor and took control of Rory (DW: The Dark Side of the Moon)

817 - Started hiding in an abandoned house, waiting for the Doctor

Future events have not yet been written...


The Darkness hs the ability to use the vortex at his will. He can possess people and use their memories to make them part of the Darkness

Notable FeaturesEdit

Has a raspy voice

Looks completely opposite to the Doctor

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