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Gallifreyan (Time Lord)

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  • Rassilon Era (originally)
  • Post-Time War Era (currently)


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Andrew Garfield

The Controller is a Renegade Time Lord, a would-be universal conqueror and Morbius' archenemy.


Early LifeEdit

We've known each other since... well, forever. - Morbius on his relationship with the Controller.

Morbius and the Controller met each-other at a pretty young age, quickly becoming good friends and partners in everything. After they graduated from the Academy, Morbius turned to politics while the Controller turned to science, the two keeping close contact.

While Morbius had it easy, being a diplomat and a respected scientist, the Controller was ridiculed and detested by his peers for his outlandish ideas and controversial views on science, both spatial and temporal. He eventually recruited Morbius to help him in what he described as a "grand experiment", he wanted to develop means to mind-control people under the pretense of purging Gallifrey of criminals, and attempted to use the resulting device to take control of Gallifrey and eventually dominate all life in the universe.

His plan was foiled by Morbius and the Council Guard who captured the Controller and sentenced him to a life of imprisonment. He vowed revenge on Morbius for betraying him and swore that one day he'll finish what he started.

Time WarEdit

Guess what Mori, I got paroled. - The Controller taunting Morbius.

When the Time War began, the Time Lord High Council secured the Controller's release in order to use is scientific genius and lack of moral principles to aid the Time Lord War effort.

Under Morbius' supervision he designed and perfected a series of self-replicating machines he named Nanomechs. They have the ability to assemble themselves to produce a variety of different machines and weapons as well as consuming matter at a molecular level to create more of themselves.

During the testing of the new weapon, the vessel the Controller was on was attacked by a Dalek fleet wanting the Nanomechs for themselves. The Controller managed to gain control of the ship using the Nanomechs and initiated an emergency temporal shift just as a volley of Dalek missiles impacted the ship, making it seem like it was destroyed.

The Controller soon discovered that the vessel had shifted outside the time war, but was severely damaged and drained of power both by the Dalek attack and by the turbulent transition across the time vortex.

Against Morbius and the GuardiansEdit

Aliance with the CybermenEdit

The Sol Rift and the Fight against the DarknessEdit



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