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Spoilers is the first episode of the Opalsaloony user series. It is set between series 6 and 7 for the Doctor, and after the Angels Take Manhattan for River.



The Vashta Nerada have already killed River Song- but she doesn't know it. And the Vashta Nerada are only part of something bigger, something huge. Something the Doctor doesn't know about, and something that River Song will play a huge part in. Something lying in the shadows...


In the shadow of the shelves, a single book fell off the case. The pages scattered across the floor. The book wasn’t very important, just an encyclopedia volume from 29th Century Mars. It was the paper. Paper from the forests of the Vashta Nerada. Specs appeared in the air, and started forming together in the darkness. And then the shadow would become irrelevant in a few minutes, and the Specs would become the only things worth paying attention to.