Series two stars the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Luka. It is set between Series I and the Impossible Astronaut. It is where The Doctor Who Series Wiki splits into a different time-line, creating a parallel universe where this wiki is canon.


This Series, the Doctor and Amy are trying to find out the true intentions of the Void Entity. At the beginning of the series, the Void Entity shifts Rory part way out of existence, leaving him as a ghost trapped in the TARDIS. However, he randomly shifts from room to room. A new companion, Luka, takes Rory's place. The mid-series finale partially reveals the Void Entity's final plan.

Main CastEdit

  • Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor
  • Karren Gillian as Amy Pond
  • TBA as Luka

Secondary CastEdit

  • Alex Kingston as River Song
  • Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams

Guest CharactersEdit


First HalfEdit

Number Title Written By Notes Synopsis
1 The Dark Scientists Jacques Return of River Song. The TARDIS arrives in a science facility on an asteroid. But the Doctor, Amy and Rory soon find that a sentient computer system has locked down the facility and a mysterious woman is trying to release the dark side of an alien named Luka.
2 & 3

Part 1: The Legasy Continues

Part 2: The Dalek Domination

TheTrueDoc Reintroduction of the Daleks. Introduction of Sa'h and Destiny Shaw. Sa'h is the Last of the Time Lords, he was there on the day the war ended and The Doctor used The Moment to remove the Time Lords and the Daleks from time. But he wasn't the only survivor, now Sa'h, with his companion Destiny are going to help The Doctor finish the Daleks, once and for all...
4 Vengeance Pinguinus The Doctor, Amy and Luka travel to an alien doctor who claims to hold the cure to the Vengeance Virus. But not all is what it seems.
5 The Dead of Light Opalsaloony 350 B.C: Mythology provides an excuse for everything. Everyone believes. But the Doctor knows one thing for sure: No god would make the sun expand 5 billion years early.
6 The Palace Of Death Styracosaurus Rider The Doctor,Amy and Luka find themselves in the year 5012 on the planet Nexus outside the Palace Of Death with Cybermen as guards. The bad thing is that there is a suspected thief of stealing the kings Crown and Luka is a suspect.
7 Part 1: the Dimension Tablet Jacques Last episode of the series' first half. The TARDIS lands in Egypt, 2802 BC. They fall into an ancient temple hidden underground and soon discover that is the location of the last piece of a key. A key that will open the Dimension Tablet and lead the ancient Xyvak to the domination of this universe. And the next. And all the rest.

Second HalfEdit

Number Title Written By Notes Synopsis
8 Part 2: March of the Xyvak Jacques First episode of the series' second half. The Xyvak plan is close to completion and the Doctor is trapped. Trapped in a crystalline prison where he has no chance of escape. It's up to Amy and Luka to free the Doctor, who is the only one who knows how to stop the Xyvak.
9. P1 Into the Vortex Caged1 Appearance of the Timebreeh When the Timereech leeches itself onto the TARDIS, the Doctor does not expect to be on his homeplanet. But soon everything goes very wrong...
10. P2 The Coming Caged1 Last Appearance of the Timebreech. First appearance of the Darkness. As the Doctor and March fends off their younger years, Amy and Luka must stop the Timebreech from opening the time vortex. But after the TARDISes bumpy ride it starts deleting unneeded data. Including Rory...
11 Fixed Time Opalsaloony

Appearance of River Song.

The Doctor, Amy, and Luka arrive in the 50th century, where they meet Jayden Simons- the Doctor knows who he is. Jayden Simons is the man who kills River Song.


Crystal Life

Time Guardian The TARDIS crew arrives at a human colony in the 51st century only to discover it's under attack by crystaline entities and their human duplicates.
13 The Eraser Of Lime Jacques Series Finale. The Void Entity's master plan has been revealed. It plans on using a surviving Time Lord to create a TARDIS, with which it will dominate the whole of time and space. The Doctor, Amy and Luka must stop it, or be erased from time.

Xmas SpecialEdit

Number Title Written by Notes Synopsis
Xmas The Snowed Forest Jacques A man in a radiation suit, a petrified forest, creatures in the shadows and a man named 'the Doctor'. THis might be the best christmas the young boy has ever had. Oh, and don't forget to check beneath the bed.


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