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The first series stars The 11th Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. It takes place between 'A Christmas Carol'

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and the show's sixth Series.


The Doctor, Amy and Rory are adjusting to the minor changes created by "Big Bang 2". They are traveling through time and space, like normal, but an unknown entity is following them, WATCHING them. The crew meet new allies and new enemies, but can they stop the mysterious Void Entity?

Main Characters[]

  • Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor
  • Karen Gillian as Amy Pond
  • Arthur Darvil as Rory Williams

Secondary Characters[]

  • Alex Kingston as River Song

Guest Characters[]

  • Bradely James as Morbius
  • Georgia Moffett as Jenny


Episode List[]

Number Title Written By Synopsis
1 Life on Mars TheTrueDoc The Doctor is contacted by River Song, telling him that she has found out about cave on Earth that leads to Mars. But once they get to Mars can they ever get back?
2 Dawn and Dusk Jacques

Jargon, the planet of myth. A planet believed to have been destroyed within the first hundred years of the universe. But they were wrong. The planet is protected by a perception filter, making people and technology mistake it for a star. But the TARDIS crew soon discover that the mythical planet holds dark secrets from the dawn of time.

3 & 4:

Part 1: Meet the Guardians

Part 2: Unnatural Time

Time Guardian

Part 1: The Doctor is contacted by an old Time Lord friend who has assembled a group of time travelers. He has discovered a device which causes time travel devices and transports to overload and explode.

Part 2: The TARDIS crew and the Guardians literally race against time to shut down the Attero Device and put an end to the Forgotten's plans.


The Enemy Within

Styracosaurus Rider

Machines throughout the world are failing. First, planes crash, and soon, all technology goes haywire. If the problem isn't stopped soon, the end of modern civilization could be nigh. But what is the reason for this? As the TARDIS crew finds out, the answer is far more dangerous than anyone has thought.




When the Doctor leaves them on the planet Rhiox, Amy and Rory don't expect to have to fight an alien known only as the Timebreech...

7 & 8

Part 1:The War of Theta Kappa

Part 2: Forgotten Monsters

Styracosaurus Rider

Part 1: The year is 2181. The place: Theta Kappa, a lively planet, located at the tail's end of the Tadpole Galaxy. The event? A massive, bloody war. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory arrive right in the midst of this conflict, discovering that one side's experiments to construct the perfect war machine lead to a disruption of time in the distant past...with deadly consequences...

Part 2: The disruptions in time are now more dangerous than ever before. They cannot be controlled. They cannot be stopped. Terrors are now on the loose. And it's all his fault.

9 The Death of a Friend TheTrueDoc One of the Doctor's best friends passes away.But at the funeral an old enemy is waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.
10 Desert Of The Bones Jacques The TARDIS arrives in the Australian outback, in the late 21st Century. The crew find themselves in the small, run down town of Dusk Springs. But not all is as it seems, the people are being dragged out into the desert by skeletons. What's even stranger, the skeletons form from the sand.
11 The Earthen Terror Styracosaurus Rider In 210 BC, an army is constructed for the emperor of China. An army made of clay. The army is placed in the emperor's tomb, and they are supposed to come to life to serve him in the afterlife. But they seem to have woken up early...
12 & 13

Part 1:

Part 2:

Jacques (Part 1)

The True Doc

(Part 2)

Part 1: Following a trail of Time Particles, the TARDIS lands on Earth. But the TARDIS crew soon find that the mysterious "Void Entity" has plans, plans that could very well end humanity. And what's worst, Dusk are in on it, and they've taken Rory again!

Part 2:

Christmas Special[]

Shadow of the Perytons Styracosaurus Rider

Christmas. A time to celebrate, a time to give. And also a time for carnivorous reindeer.

All is not what it seems. The shadows are foretelling a tale of terror. And if the TARDIS team isn't careful, they may be victims of a race forgotten for thousands of years...

Aliens and Enemies[]