season zero is a doctor who spin off telling what the ninth doctor did before season 1.




  • christopher eccleston as the ninth doctor


  • Aaron Randazzo as stephan
  • kimberly williams as martha nobel (jenny)


season zero centers around the ninth doctor and his two companions stephan a near human bajorian who joined in episode 1 and martha nobel (who is really the 3rd incarnation of the doctors daughter jenny) who joins in episode 2. together the time travelers face ice warriors, the english civil war, a werewolf, sea devils and others. the season ends with stephan being sent through the time vortex thus turning him into a time lord. the doctor leaves his now married companions behind on "new gallifrey" reestablishing the time lords. he then uses the eye of orbit to hide the planet and erase his memorys of them to compltely protect them.


 NUMBER TITLE DISCRIPTION 1 the eye of orbit
1 the eye of orbit while vacationing at outpost six the doctor discovers a evil plot, powerful object and a new companion.
2 the nobel savage captured, the doctor and stephan must fight for there lifes in a brutal arena. also they meet a strange young women who is not who she seems.
3 Warriors of the ice stephan and martha must keep her true identity secret from the doctor or destroy time itself. also who is murdering people in tibet? is it a yeti or something more dangerous?
4 blood bath the doctor and his companions attempt to travel to the london olimpics but instead end up in middle of the english civil war.
5 call of the wolf in death vally the doctor must decide between letting innocent people die or changing history. and a rouge werewolf isnt helping.
6 atlantis all three doctors from the new series must help each other to save atlantis and there lives.
7/8 vortex wind/ time lords reborn in the final two episodes the doctor and his compians must face the lost tribe of the tardis, reapers and marthas true identity as the doctors daughter.
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