Sam Hoskins (AKA TheTrueDoc) was the creator of Doctor Who: The Lost Adventures and The Legacy of S'ah and is now a major part of the runnings and contributing to this wiki!

Love Of Doctor Who Edit

The first time I watched Doctor Who was when I was shown Series 2 Volume 2 on DVD, Tooth and Claw, School Reunion and Girl in the Fireplace. I was amazed, after that I watched it whenever it's on. I also watch Torchwood (I own every ep' on DVD!) and watch Sarah Jane Adventures. I've watched Spearhead from Space, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, The Hand of Fear, The Five Dotors, Doctor Who: The TV Movie, all Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctor episodes, The Infinite Quest and Dreamland. I have also watched all the episodes of the spin-off series.


In 2010 I created the FanMade Series and Original Stories Wiki under the name 12thDoc, both progects were unsuccessful and I gave up but about six months later I adopted the name TheTrueDoc and created a now successful wiki where I have made some pretty good stories so far and am working on more.

My EpisodesEdit

The Lost Adventures- Series I Edit

Episode 1- Life on Mars

Episode 9- The Death of a Friend

Episode 13- TBA

The Lost Adventures- Series II Edit

Episode 2 & 3- The Legasy Continues/The Dalek Domination

The Legacy of S'ah - Series 1Edit

Episode 1- Hero of Time

Episode 2- Leap of Faith

Episode 4 & 5- The Saviour of the Time Lords/Rebirth

Episode 6- New Britan

Episode 7- Touch of an Angel

Episode 8 & 9- Evil Intentions

Episode 10- TBA

Episode 11- TBA

Episode 12 & 13- TBA

A Good Man Forms an Army (Canceled)Edit

Episode 1- The Taking of Jack the Ripper

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