The Photon Saga encompasses all episodes by PhotonCommander10 (Formerly Tennantfan). The Saga focuses on the Eleventh Doctor and his adventures in time and space.

Series 1Edit

The first series (and only one confirmed so far) entails the Doctor meeting Kiera Alexandra, a woman who appears in several alternate timelines, each time slightly different. The Doctor finds himself obsessed with her, thinking something is wrong about her, and tries to meet her properly. But he's left traumatised by the answer and things turn crazy from there.

Ep # Title Story Info Extra Info
1 Alternating Time England, 2013. Adrian Ackerman, Germany's ambassador has arrived. So has the Doctor. Meeting a "Girlfriend-for-hire", the Doctor has to stop a mysterious organisation from using the anomaly that is Kiera to distort reality. First appearance of Kiera Alexandra.
2 Dream Girl The Doctor has met the true Kiera, the one from his established timeline, again. The Doctor has the strange urge to go to the Arkensian Markets, with no idea why he wants to. He just knows one thing: Old enemies are lurking in the shadows.
3 Silent Days The temple world of Durassac is known for its inhabitants, the Mon-tu, who worship a being imprisoned below the surface of the planet, despite it's evil nature. The Doctor and Keira are having trouble warning the monk-like species that the planet is soon going to collapse.
4 the Desolation of Cortak First appearance of the Hive.
6 Ruins of Empires A single memory has returned to the Doctor, that leads him back to the Arkensian Markets. But this time around, Kiera's very existence is in jeopardy. If the Doctor can't stop it, a hole will be torn through time and space, and everything will be devoured. Series finale.

Note 1: Episodes are subject to change.

Note 2: Not all episodes will be the same length, it depends on how long the story takes to run its course.

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