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Bradley James

Morbius is a Renegade Time Lord. Survivor of the Time War he has gathered a group of time travelers known as the Guardians.


Early LifeEdit

"That's when I saw Infinity and Infinity saw me, at least that's how it felt, it's hard to describe. Best way to describe it, it's the same as watching a 1000 TVs at the same time, while having the migrane of your life and an inverted version of the feeling that someone's behind you. And man was it scary" - Morbius, on his initiation.

Not much is known about his childhood as Morbius doesn't like talking about his past. One time however he talked about his initiation into the Time Lord Academy describing the experience as scary. He also claimed that at one point he was dating the Doctor's former companion Romana.

Morbius grew up to be a brilliant and impressive scientist and politic.

Time WarEdit

"On a fearful day the war began, as I tried my best to understand. Why the universe that we admire, would set the stars and worlds on fire? This was the day all hell broke loose, and on my neck I felt the hangman's noose. I saw our brethren marched to war, but it was too late when I knew that we have gone too far. - Morbius' poetic description of the Time War and how it changed the Time Lords.

Morbius' experiences during the Time War caused him to slowly loose his sanity and morals. He almost never mentions what has happened to him but he did reveal that he once destroyed an entire star system by introducing iron into a star causing it to go nova wiping out several Dalek controlled planets along with hundreds of thousands of slaves on them. This action caused the Daleks to name him "the Star Destroyer".

It is unclear exactly how he escaped from the Time War although it's hinted that he was able to escape during Rassilon's plan to initiate the Final Saction.

The GuardiansEdit

The Guardians RebornEdit

After his escape Morbius was stuck on the planet Bel'shir for several years while waiting for his Time Ring to recharge enough for a Time Jump. During this time he worked as a hitman for the local mafia operations until one night he met another Time Lord, Jenny, who identifies herself as the Doctor's daughter proving that the Doctor survived the War and that he was still traveling the universe. The two travel to 21st century Earth to look for the Doctor but instead finding that a legion of Cybermen under the the command of Rogue Time Lord the Controller.



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