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March was the second episode of the first series of the Lost Renegades. It told us about March's past.


March was born on Gallifrey on the eve of Rassilon day. His parents were kind to him and dreamt that one day their son would travel the stars

At the age of 8 March and his best friend Irving, also the Doctor's brother, started at the Academy. It was at this time he found out about his powers . He couldn't control them and for saw the death of a younger boy, Koschei A.K.A The Master. He did not tell the boy.

Like the Doctor, March stole a TARDIS and went travelling. He started and ended wars, and even became the main part in one of Shakespeare's plays. He went mad though and killed Hercules and destroyed the Indus Valley.

March regenerated into his second incarnation when he got in a gunfight at the OK Corral.

After this he went home and stayed on Gallifrey, often fighting in the Deathzone.

March drawing 2

A drawing of March in his Second Incarnation.

March 3

March as he appears in The Lost Renegades.

The Time WarEdit

March was a big cause of the Time War. He was negotiating with the Daleks when he got angry and this was the pivotol point in the wars beginning.

He fought frequently in the Timewar and got almost crushed under Arcadia when it fell.

He eventually chose to flee when he learnt of Rassilon's scheme for survival. Fleeing to earth all he heard was one place going over in his head. Myra Banks.

On earth he was staying at a hotel but realised that he had to get away from them. So he fled to a haunted castle. One night two other timelords arrived and together they fought the presence inside his eyes. To get it out he was forced to regenerate. He left them and headed to what he new of as home Stratford-upon-Avon, where he was hoping Shakespeare may still live (G:The Eyes of March).

March and MyraEdit

March saves Myra from some Sontarans and they become friends fast.

Hints for the FutureEdit

The doctor will meet March.

March and Myra split in S2.

March gets a new companion who he falls in love with.

March chases the Timebreech

March regenerates in a show other then the Lost Renegades

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