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Mr. Two Face, Spiky



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c. 4200


Series II (Companion)

Luka is a Diblanian from the planet Duon. He first appears in the first episode of Series II.


Luka's species, the Diblanian's, have evolved to gain two forms.


The Diablo form looks human, usually having blue eyes. They have evolved this way as to fit in with the human colonists. The Diablo form has more strength than a normal human, however. It is named this way because Diablo was the name of the Diblanian societies founder.


The chaos form is a monstrous form that is rarely used by the Diblanians. It has grey skin, white spikes all over and glowing red eyes. This form is controlled by the Diblanian. The only exception to this is carriers of the Vengeance Virus, that gives the Chaos form a split personality. Of which Luka is a carrier


Diablo FormEdit

In his Diablo form, Luka looks like a fit, white teenager. He has blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair. He tends to wear black shirts with jeans as a way to try and fit in with humans.

Chaos FormEdit

Luka's chaos form is larger than any other Chaos Form Diblanian. The skin is a shade of dark grey, with white spikes down the arms, chest, back of the head and legs. Luka's chaos form has more spikes than any other Diblanian's Chaos form.



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