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Jack Worther (AKA Tennantfan/PhotonCommander10) is one of the major contributors to the Doctor Who Series Wiki. He has been appointed second-in-command by the Wiki's creator, The True Doc.

Personal Life[]

Jack was born on the 22nd of December, 1997, in the English town of ****. He was raised in ****, a village between **** and the countryside. Jack was enrolled at the**** Nursery Centre at the age of two, where he went most weekdays until the age of four.

Jack attended **** Primary School starting from the age of four. He often went on vacations during the school holidays, majority of which to Thailand.

In the third grade, he went to a sleepover at his friends house. While there, he watched Doctor Who (School Reunion). That started his fandom of Doctor Who.

Halfway through grade four, Jack, his parents and sister moved to Australia. After arriving, his fandom of Doctor Who continued through Series 3. To this day, he remains a fan, watching every episode as soon as possible.

Story of the Dusk[]

In 2009, I came up with a race that exist only in the light. Throughout the many depictions I've done of them, they've changed to be the opposite, so they only exist in the dark. Dusk are by far favourite fan made alien as they are scary, intelligent (you'll find out just HOW intelligent over the next two series), ugly (well, they are alien) and they scare the Doctor. The fact that the Doctor admitted his fear of them is a great achievement. Dusk are also a sort of 'logo' now, just cause I think they're brilliant! Also, it's quite obvious that we don't know everything about them. So bit by bit, they'll find out more and more about Dusk.