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Eleventh Doctor


  • Amy Pond
  • Rory Williams


  • The Judoon


  • Hythops

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Jumping a Time Track

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The Moment

Amy and Rory explore Hythops

This is the second episode of the first series of Caged1's user series.


She could still hear the groaning engines, even though she knew she was no longer in the TARDIS. Amy Jessica Pond stood up slowly and looked around her. A beautiful, alien city was awaiting her and a few metres away was her husband, Rory. He looked over at her, and she smiled as his befuddled face looked even more, befuddled. So, much so that she forgot her woes, and began to laugh.

The dinner was over, and now the Other sat in his spiral tower alone thinking about what he had seen below. At the same moment that he had first seen the Doctor, there had also been a spike in acivity on the planet Hythops. Similar disturbence, presumably the Doctor's companions. Hopefully, they could reunite and leave before the war began. The war that would threaten the timestream.

"Where is he though?" asked Rory, as he and Amy walked hand in hand down the lane, hoping in finding the Doctor or the TARDIS. "We should split up! That way we could find the Doctor quicker!" So, they split up at the near avenue, and Rory walked to the right, and Amy carried on forwards. Then she heard something that made her walk back, and go left. Little did she know that if she had gone straight ahead, they would be able to save the Doctor alot quicker.

The Judoon are in trouble!

Just round the corner were some alien Rhinos that she recognised. Judoon. Then, there was a time quake.

The Daleks had picked up the spike in activity at the same time that the Other had. They monitored it's progress, and decided to use it to asset the past. This was exactly what they needed to breach time. They could now go forward with Operation Sontar.

The quake stopped, and the Judoon turned towards Amy Pond. She could tell what was about to happen. Her sentence, the one that would end with death. Then, she saw another Judoon on the floor, bleeding. "Bo! Sco! Jo! Fo! Mahoo! Ko!" it yelled out, before scanning Amy. "Language. Earth, English. Species, human. Threat, Ancients. Link - Species! Justice is Swift!" Bringing forth it's weapon, it started to blur. Then, disappearing it blurred out of existence. Amy stepped back and ran, hoping to find Rory.

Hythops, that was the name of the planet. That was the planet's name. Rory walked back to the meeting point, before seeing something down the street. A light, bright blinding. Calling him through, and he entered it and was relieved to see a friendly face, staring in awe back at him. He had found the Doctor.

Rory coming to Gallifrey