Gravitation Wave Generator

Weapon Type:



Gravitation Energy

Created by:

The Forgotten


Meet the Guardians/Unnatural Time(flashback/mentioned only)

The Gravitation Wave Generator is a dark time hyperweapon created by the Forgotten. It is capable of destroying the very civilizations of every single sentient race in the universe.

Function & PurposeEdit

The Forgotten's ultimate weapon works by generating and releasing gravitation energy in a similar manner to a pulsar or a neutron star, only much more powerful. The effect would be that every single planet in the universe which houses artificial constructs will be stripped clean of them like being subjected to a massive earthquake, thus crippling them and making it easy for the Forgotten to take over. It is by far one of the most dangerous superweapons in existence, its power being only surpassed by the Daleks' Reality Bomb.


The superweapon was constructed in secret during the final days of the Forgotten's war with the Alliance of Fledgling Empires. Intended to allow the Forgotten a swift and total domination of the universe, the device was discovered by the Alliance and destroyed before it could have been activated in the Forgotten's last stand in the Scorpion Nebula.

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