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Douglas O'Hara is Torchwood 4's former weapons expert and the current second-in-command of Torchwood 5 the sole surviving Torchwood cell in existence.



Doug's life prior to joining Torchwood 4 is largely unknown. A series flashbacks show that he was a soldier in the British army and he was fighting in Afghanistan but was sent home with an injury to his right arm. A few months later he's contacted by Torchwood Officer Connor O'Malley, along with his sister Jessica, to join the Torchwood Institute as weapons and technology experts respectively.

Torchwood 4Edit

One flashback details an encounter with a Sontaran soldier and that he deduces how their weapon jamming signal works as well as developing a countermeasure (a rad-steel bullet coating). Another instance shows him killing an innocent man just for seeing Torchwood 4's base.

The JumpEdit

On January 8th 2006 he along with the rest of Torchwood 4 were investigating a temporal anomaly in a warehouse in north Belfast (unaware that the anomaly was caused by the Covenant) causing them to get shifted to June 14th 2010 where they were under attack by unidentified assailants resulting in Connor's death. After interrogating one of the assassins and after discovering that the Covenant were behind this, he kills them all (over the objections of his sister). The two soon realize that they've traveled forwards in time and soon contact Archie McArthur and inform him about this turn of events. Archie tells them to rendezvous at the abandoned Torchwood base underneath the Thames flood barrier.

Torchwood 5Edit


Doug's Video Diary

Doug records his video dairy.

Being a former soldier, Douglas has an extreme military mindset. He's capable of just killing an average person if they've seen too much. But Doug is also a much tormented individual, seeing the horrors of war have left him with several mental scars, causing him to be distrustful of people he doesn't know, as well as causing him to be angered very easily.

He's not the sanest person in the world to begin with but seeing his best friend die before his eyes and realizing that everything he worked for is now gone only pushes him closer to insanity. After he attempts to strangle his sister in a fit of rage he's placed in a mental hospital where he does his best to recover. After being released he continuously records video diaries and watches comedy movies to keep his rage and murderous tendencies in check.


  • Douglas O'Hara is the first main character in the Doctor Who franchise to be declared mentaly insane.
  • The character was created to be a personification of the pre-Battle of Canary Wharf Torchwood Institute.
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