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Science fiction drama

Created by



Christopher Eccleston as The Ninth Doctor

Also starring

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler and more

Country of origin

United Kingdom


In instalments beginning August 31, 2013




10 (currently)

First episode


Doctor Who (Series 1) is the first series of Martello736's alternative version of the revived series of Doctor Who. Martello736 serves as script editor, head writer and showrunner, and is expected to write at least five episodes for this series. Depending on interest and spare time available, this series is expected to have roughly 10 episodes.

The series stars Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as companion Rose Tyler.

A scary clown, expected to feature in the second episode of the series.

Episodes will be released individually over the course of the autumn, with the first episode scheduled for release at the end of August 2013.

This is the first writing project by Martello736, and if the series is successful, it could be followed up by a second series next year.

This series needs you![]

Are you a budding Doctor Who writer? We need plenty of writers to write for this series. There are no requirements regarding content, length or style, you can invent your own monsters or write stories about classic villains from the past. To be a part of this, either message Martello736 for more information or just write a story and publish it!



A Weeping Angel that features in the series premiere 'Rose'

Christopher Eccleston as The Ninth Doctor

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler

Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith

John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness

Britney West as Hollie (episode 1)

Avril Lavigne as Megan (episode 1)

Michael Gough as The Toymaker (episode 2)

Peter Capaldi as The Interface (episode 2)

A mutilated Scavenging Heart from episode 5

Nicholas Briggs as the voice of The Clowns (episode 2)

Morgan Freeman as The Commander (episodes 5-6)

Michael Caine as Researcher 1 (episodes 5-6)

Simon Callow as Researcher 2 (episodes 5-6)

More to be announced soon


At least 5 episodes will be written by head writer Martello736, with the other 5 expected to be written by guest writers. If interest in the series is low, more episodes will be written by Martello736. It is thought that the series will be a darker, more sinister version of the current Doctor Who, exploring the concept of death and bereavement. The two-parter starring the Scavenging Hearts is confirmed to be taking place in Nazi Germany, and will contain the theme of euthanasia. A recurring theme throughout the series will be the mythical creature known as The Beast, a plot point that will be revealed in Series 2, should this series prove popular enough.


The idea for a darker series of Doctor Who was conceived by Martello736. He loved the fun loving and jovial nature of Doctor Matt Smith, but found it frustrating how he struggled to play a darker and more sinister Doctor, as David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston had done so well. He then decided to create his own version of Doctor Who, which contains mostly the same characters, but very different events of that to the revived series of Doctor Who. Martello736 has said that the series will be similar to the end of Series 4 of Doctor Who in nature, scary and upsetting.


Episode No Episode Title Writer Notes Release
1 Rose Martello736 The first episode of the series, features the Weeping Angels and introduces the Ninth Doctor and companion for the series Rose Tyler August 30-31, 2013
2 Clowning Around Martello736 When the Doctor sets the T.A.R.D.I.S to random, it seems like a fun day out when they land at a fairground. However, the hilarious clowns aren't what they seem to be, and the Doctor has to consider whether the whole place is one big conspiracy. September 2013
3 Night of the Cybermen Caged1 The Doctor takes Rose to the planet Mondas to show the dangers of messing with time/space. There she witnesses the horror of the Final Conversion. When they return to the TARDIS they find it is no longer working, and soon the Cybermen are closing in. Can they survive the horrors of the the Tenth Planet? September 2013 
4 - Available! - -
5 Limbless and Legless Martello736 The first of a two-part serial featuring new monsters the Scavenging Hearts, set in Nazi Germany. The Doctor is faced with a moral dilemma, as cruel experiments are being performed on Jewish prisoners. October 2013
6 The New Humans Martello736 The conclusion to a two-part serial featuring monsters the Scavenging Hearts. October 2013
7 - Available! - -
8 - Available! - -
9 - Available! - -
10 Time to Sleep, Doctor Martello736 This will be the conclusion to the series, and is expected to feature the Doctor's return to Nazi Germany. Around Christmas 2013

Series 2[]

If this series is successful, it could be followed up by a second series, beginning development in early 2014. The series would resolve the story arc of The Beast, as well as featuring new monsters such as The Timekeepers and The Voke.

Doctor Who (Series 1 - 2013)
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