The Dawn and Dusk Epilogue is the first in the Tennantfan Epilogues series of shorts.

Epilogue Edit

The wheezing of the TARDIS fades away, leaving an unnatural silence across the Jargon colony. The Dusk stand still, the power having been shut off, and the Doctor having sealed off all entrances to the main power room. Suddenly, the sounds of marching soldiers echo through the corridors. A man in a military uniform and a beret enters the main corridor. A nearby Dusk approaches him. All the Dusk stand up straight, like they were pretending to be primative. The Dusk that approached the general says, "I trust you were successful." The deep guttural voice seems more intellectual, strangely. "The Doctor will never even know." "The Doctor must never return here. The planets will be realigned to hide Jargon. The Doctor will be watched closely. The Age of Dusk must surely rise." Bright lights all down the corridor light up. "Remember." In the sudden light, the Dusk revert to mere shadows, before disappearing completely moments later. The general yells, "Soldiers! At arms!" The sounds of guns being reloaded fill the corridors. The general smiles, before disappearing with a crackle and flash of lightning.

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