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The Caged1 Saga is set in a universe where only the Television stories are canon. It will feature seasons with linked stories, but not necessarily following the Doctor throughout. Each series will have a two-part finale as well, and potentially a two-part opener.

Season 1[]


1. Nothing at the End of the Lane Barbara Wright is a patient at the Coal Hills Mental Hospital, having been sent there after seeing something mysterious one night after school. One day, she is visited by her old school students, John and Gillian, but she doesn't remember them. With their help, she visits the site of the mysterious event, and also learns of her friend Ian's Disappearance. She soon finds a crack in time and space and finds herself on a mysterious planet, with dead bodies strewn all around. She soon finds a blue police box, with Ian and an old man inside, also dead. With the help of John and Gillian, she takes the time ship to the planet Karn, one of the many planets owned by the Time Lord empire. There she meets the president of the time lords, Susavortralundevantar, who is responsible for the deaths of Ian and the Doctor. She tells how Barbara was once her teacher, and how the Doctor and Ian took her to Skaro where she met the Daleks. The Daleks successfully killed the Doctor and Ian, but Susan was glad of this when she learned that the Doctor had killed her own mother and father, his daughter and son in law, also known as Gillian and John. Barbara reveals how she was brought here by them. Suddenly, the Daleks attack Karn, and with Barbara's memories gradually returning, they realize that John and Gillian had created this very dangerous universe. Rushing back to Skaro, Barbara and the older Susan prevent the deaths of the Doctor and Ian, but the older Susan sacrifices herself. The younger Susan however already knows what the Doctor did, and wants revenge. The Doctor manages to calm her, and realize John and Gillian are still striving for existence, but it has not yet been achieved. To stop them, he must wipe Susans memory, but this proves to be a potentially dangerous ordeal. Meanwhile, Ian and Barbara find the Daleks have created a paradox machine to keep themselves in existence throughout the many time changes, and that they are heading to Gallifrey. Ian and Barbara manage to instead divert the cause of the ship to another planet, but accidentally realize it is Earth. With time running out, they have to get to the Doctor and Susan quickly. Unfortunately, with Susans memories gone, they forget all about the Daleks heading to Earth and when they reach the TARDIS and are inside, they remember nothing since the 'Aten Machine'. 2.