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POMfannumber1 POMfannumber1 15 February 2014

Anyone There?

I just think that this wiki is pretty much abandoned now.

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Caged1 Caged1 16 June 2013

Unnatural Time - A Missing Episode

I have an idea so we can continue with S1. We could treat the two parter as an unfinished story, or a missing episode and somebody else could complete it using information from Time Guardian's plot and Meet the Guardians. Here is a basic plot I came up with.

Plot: The Forgotten have reunited the two groups so it's easier to kill them all. The Doctor once again leaves Jenny as he and Morbius escape, but leave the others behind. This is because the humans have no power to make a time machine, but the timelords do, so the humans should be safe. The Forgotten begin chasing the Doctor, but he has a better time machine. Both of the time machines land on Earth, but the Forgotten turn back on Jenny who they plan to use to destroy the timelords. On …

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 20 December 2012

Best bits of the TARDIS

Since the new TARDIS Design has been revealed, I've decided I'm going to use Google SketchUp to make my own redesign, purely for fun. Honest to god, not for my user series. I have a history of people assuming that when I talk about this sort of thing, it's for my series. Swear to god, it isn't. So what I'm asking YOU is, what parts of the TARDIS do you like? BTW, I want it to be more futuristic looking than what we've become used to in the last few years. So, favourite parts of the TARDIS console room. If I have time I might go beyond the console room, but no guarantees.

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Opalsaloony Opalsaloony 21 November 2012

Writers Wanted

For my User Series, 'cause I'm out of ideas, I need some people to write a few episodes. I need five, so if you would be willing to write an episode, leave a message on my talk page. Two empty slots would feature River, three would feature my fan-made companion Moriko Lam.

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Styracosaurus Rider Styracosaurus Rider 12 September 2012

Moving things down

Dinosaurs...on a spaceship!!!!

Anyway, as you have probably gathered I'm terribly busy with real life, other sites, and other wikis right now. That's why I'm allowing you all to move my episodes down a series or two, just to make things quicker. I haven't done much at all with them anyway, so I thought it would be the best course of action and keep the flow smooth.

I'll still be around on Wikia (just not around here very often), so if you need me at all you can just pop by the ol' talk page.

Also: John Riddell. Best. character. Ever.

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 17 June 2012

Skip the ep

Seeing as how we have been waiting for the next episode for months, i have decided to mark it a 'missing' and we will skip to the next episode. Time Guardian, i'm very sorry and would still like to read the episode but you must understand where i am coming from with this.

TheTrueDoc 16:59, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 15 June 2012

Im Back

Sorry I haven't been here for a while guys, ive had stuff going on, but i hope to be back and posting new stories pretty soon. Im glad to see some new guys joining the Wiki :) TheTrueDoc 17:44, June 15, 2012 (UTC)

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Opalsaloony Opalsaloony 10 April 2012

Project Gallifrey

I have created a new wiki, called Project Gallifrey. I have planned to make a Time War role-playing wiki for a while, and got the time too. If you wish to join, please follow the link:

Project Gallifrey

Note: Position of Lord President available, I have taken Vice. Also, Emperor Dalek available.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 27 February 2012

The new series plan

Me and Truedoc have decided on a new idea, to get the series flowing better. Rather than taking t one series at a time, everyone will have their own series running simultaneously. So I'll start Series II soon, and Styracosaurus Rider is doing Series III, then whoever gets in first, gets the series after. It has to have the current Doctor, and it will be in the two hundred year gap between god complex and closing time. The series don't have to be 13 eps, they canbe less. You can also invite others to write for the series. As a result of this, I will be starting a second series to run simultaneous with my Series II, and will involve my 'Third Sanctum Project'. This idea was thought of because of people being held back by the people writing e…

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 15 February 2012

The Legsy of S'ah

So i have one, maybe two slots free if some one would like to write an episode for series 1 of The Legscy of S'ah

TheTrueDoc 12:00, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

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Caged1 Caged1 24 December 2011

My own Spin-Off

Thanks to TrueDoc I am allowed to create my own spin off, and thanks to Time Guardian who helped me get an idea. See my spin off page here

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Caged1 Caged1 23 December 2011

Rory on the Dark Side

Just finished writing episode 12 of S1. It features Rory being possessed and my new creature called the Darkness. The Darkness is gonna be the alien I'll write about for S1 + 2. I hope you like the story. Here is a link to it

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Caged1 Caged1 22 December 2011

For Those Who Watch, and Those Who Wait

This is my story -

The four time travellers arive at a haunted house after Rory is told of a legend by a wise woman. In the house they're gonna find young Amy walking the corridors being chased by the darkness. As Amy and River go after the earlier younger self, the Doctor reminisces with Rory when they see two recognised symbols on the wall. As the Doctor thinks more and more of the timelords, and Rory thinks of his own childhood, they find themselves becoming part of the darkness. River and Amy however are encircled by the darkness, and I haven't worked out how they will survive.

Please comment if you like the idea, Caged1 20:39, December 22, 2011 (UTC)

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 19 December 2011

Advertising the Wiki

I was thinking that the only people that view the stories on this wiki are its editors, so has anyone got any ways we can let people know that we are here.

I have tried asking the TARDIS wiki for a space on thier home page but I was told that the Doctor Who Fanon is still active, they obviously haven't been on it for a while.

Any ideas are welcome. TheTrueDoc 10:13, December 19, 2011 (UTC)

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 5 December 2011

the Jacques Perspective: Episode Q&A

I created this blog so people can ask me questions about my episodes/series. I will try to answer as quick as possible. But the time it takes for me to answer will vary.

  • No questions about me. (eg. Why are you so awesome?)
  • No questions about simple things. (eg. Why is the sky blue?)

Apart from that, ask away!

PS. I won't answer questions that have ridiculously bad grammar. That'll teach you.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 1 December 2011

Dusk - the Scare Factor

Okay, so I was wondering... How scary do you think the Dusk are? Just post a comment giving a rating out of 10.

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 23 November 2011

The Legacy of S'ah- Hero of Time

So, i've posted the first episode and if you didn't realise it was quite short, i did that on purpose because I wanted to get it out quickly and see what you guys thought. Even if you didn't like it i will be making more, just because i enjoy to but your opinions would be good.

Also, there was a 200 year gap between The God Complex and Closing Time, if that doesnt sound like a good place for our future series to be set i dont know what is :) TheTrueDoc 17:51, November 23, 2011 (UTC)

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 29 October 2011

Upcoming Reviews & Blog

I fugured I'd put this blog post up so that I can tell you about upcoming stuff I'm going to post on my blog in the wiki. And all the episodes I'm gonna write:

Not exactly in order:

  • Torchwood: Miracle Day (in progress)
  • The Stolen Earth/Journey's End (Part 1 in progress)
  • Top 11 Dumbest Moments in Nu-Who (in progress)
  • The Idiot's Lantern (TBW)
  • The Unicorn and the Wasp (TBW)
  • New Earth (TBW)

  • Unnatural Time (Progressing slowly but it's coming)
  • Torchwood Reborn (Part 1 is coming along nicely)
  • The Darkest Hour (Completed but it needs some polishing, it should be up by the end of next week)

On a side note:

I've created a blog on which is like IGN without the proper reviewers. Here's a link to an extended review of Midnight which is a…

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 23 October 2011

The Legacy of S'ah Series 1

OK so this is going to be big! S'ah (and his companion Destiny Shaw) basicly travel around the universe, like The Doctor, Amy and Rory, but people sometimes get a bit bored of them three so to give you a chance to write for other people leave your name at the bottom.

This will mainly be written by me and you may have noticed that he is appearing in a two-parter next series (which is also writen by myself). But I don't think we should be bringing back all the timelords, thats why I have made a page where you can put any TimeLords that are still alive, Time Lord Survivors.

Thank you for taking the time to read this TheTrueDoc 12:42, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 18 October 2011

Notice to all users...

Some people may have noticed my lack of activity in the wiki and while I have two spin-offs and a two-parter that still need work, I've been busy with my first month of college. I had exams to prepare for, I've got coursework that needs writing, this whole month has just been a mess for me. This weekend I may have more free time to finish off my eps but for the moment I barely have enough time just to write this (with no spell checks).

I'll try to get back to the wiki when I have more time available but for the moment I'm too busy.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 7 September 2011

Karlel's past

Karlel is a fan-made character of mine who is set to appear in the end of the first half of Series II. His page and history are already in his article (Well, what HE knows about his history). But not all of it is quite as told. There's alot to Karlel that even he doesn't know. The Xyvak know everything about him (Truth be told, they were apart of it), his parents didn't know anything, and Karlel especially doesn't know.

So I'm going to let you have a go and piece together the clues leading up to the Epic Grand Series! The second two-parter of that series will reveal alot, and the finale will reveal most of the rest. So good luck. I doubt anyone will figure out everything. In fact, I haven't figured out everything (Well, I DO need to make it in…

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 8 August 2011

Top 11 Best Doctor Who Stories (new series, 1-5)

What can you say about the action packed, drama filled, adventure inspiring Doctor Who stories, I love ‘em, well most of them anyway. And ever since the show came back in 2005 more and more stories are slowly joining the ranks of classic epics like Genesis of the Daleks, The Caves of Androzani, Inferno, and so on. So today I’m gonna countdown the top 11 greatest stories the new series’ first 5 series had to offer. “Why Top 11?” Because I have my own story that will never die. So sit back and enjoy the top 11 greatest Doctor Who episodes.

  • 1 Number 11 – Turn Left
  • 2 Number 10 – Blink
  • 3 Number 9 – Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords
  • 4 Number 8 – The Waters of Mars
  • 5 Number 7 – The Eleventh Hour
  • 6 Number 6 – Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Ste…

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Styracosaurus Rider Styracosaurus Rider 4 August 2011

It's coming...

Amy's given birth, Dorium is dead (sniff), River is Melody, Melody has been taken, and Cybermen, Sontarans, Silurians, and who knows who else happened last ep. Never mind that.

Winston bloody Churchill's back! And they're gonna Kill Hitler! And...

Well, I haven't found that exact trailer yet, but I have found this one:


  • Madame Kovarian is back (predictably)!
  • River's got an eyepatch on!!!
  • I think Amy and Rory may be in the VOID!!!!! Where are the Daleks, Cybermen, and Genesis Ark???
  • Who in God's name trimmed those HEDGES!!!!!
  • The Silence are back!!! (Still predictably.)

So, we have the Silence arc and the River/Melody/Kovarian arc, which are in some way connected. August can't pass by quickly enough.

But forget EVERY SIN…

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 1 August 2011


Guys, where have you all been recently, if you're still here comment!

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 22 July 2011

Picture for your episodes

If anyone would like a picture like my one on Life on Mars please comment

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 19 July 2011


So, with the first series working and moving on reall well does any one have any more ideas for anyone on the wiki to take part in?

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Styracosaurus Rider Styracosaurus Rider 11 July 2011

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Before I begin, I just want to say The Enemy Within is still coming along, although a bit slower than I had hoped. I'll be done with it soon, hopefully.

Now. The new Torchwood series has aired on American television (BBC viewers, it should be on by the 14th). Since most of you haven't seen it yet, I won't give away...but so far it's good.

My only criticism is that RTD has Americanized it a bit---but I expected that, because Starz (the new company) probably wouldn't let him do this without Americanizing it.

But overall, I like the first ep. When the episode airs, what do you all think of it?

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 8 July 2011

Genesis Unknown

Okay, so I'm starting a sci-Fi series which I will make a wiki for. It's going to be a post-apocalyptic series set in the year 2086 (At first anyway). It's about a small group of survivors of an alien invasion. They make their way from the Carribean, across Mexico and the ruins of the United States to get to the System Gateway, a tunnel to an underwater haven built by the government as a last ditch effort to save humanity during the invasion that began in 2014. The world is now dominated by mutants left behind by the aliens. The two Brothers Jack and Leo, their best friend Logan, a scientist named Samantha and a Portable Artificial Intelligence Unit entitled WEB are humanities last hope of survival.

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 4 July 2011

Doctor Who Review - Turn Left

After the abysmal horror films that just happened to be the Doctor Who episodes “Midnight” and “42” it is time for me to review something which truly captures RTD’s skills as a writer, an episode that you’ll find in my top 11 greatest Doctor Who episodes list (which is coming soon by the way). This episode puts the ‘system’ in ‘systematic scariness’. So hold on to your reproductive organs ladies and gentlemen, because Donna failed to “Turn Left”.

  • 1 A World without the Doctor
  • 2 The Characters
  • 3 What this episode does right
  • 4 What the episode doesn’t do right
    • 4.1 Continuity Problems
  • 5 The Ending
  • 6 In Conclusion

After the awesome Library two-parter, we’ve got “Midnight” and it sucked hard. So my expectations were on the floor and I was expecting nothing mor…

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 27 June 2011


Basicaly, if you have questions you want to ask another writer about thier plots, secrets or ideas and you think that the answer would be intresting for someone to read post it in the interviews section on the writers pages. Please Comment

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 24 June 2011

Writers' Pages

Right so I was thinking that each writer should make a page about themselves and not just your user page but a proper page where you put info about yourself, the episode you have wrote and even interviews (ill explain this in a later blog) What do you think

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 24 June 2011

Doctor Who Review - 42

First “Midnight” now “42”, I’m really trying to go crazy aren’t I? But I want to get these god awful pieces of s**t out of my system once and for all. So let’s jump in shall we.

  • 1 Your Story Sucks
  • 2 Bad Science (again)
    • 2.1 Radiation Anyone?
    • 2.2 Biology 101
    • 2.3 Astronomical Stupidity
    • 2.4 Chemistry? What's That?
  • 3 Symphony of Stupid
    • 3.1 And now, because I don't know any better...
  • 4 Dimensionless Characters
  • 5 The (anti)Story
  • 6 The (anti)Climax
  • 7 In Conclusion

When Russell T Davies made Torchwood at some point he decided to make the writer Chris Chibnall head writer of the show. And seeing how he has the achievement of having written the worst story of both Torchwood and the new-Who it’s only fitting that I shout at him for as long as possible. I mean there’s nothing …

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Styracosaurus Rider Styracosaurus Rider 17 June 2011

Series 6---what does everyone think so far?

Seven episodes came and went, but not before suitably blowing my mind at least.

So what do you all think of the series so far?

I have my own theories about the next and final half...

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 17 June 2011

Happy Birthday to me.

Today I celebrate my 16th birthday and here's what I thought of this day.

  • 1 School
  • 2 The Movie was awesome
  • 3 Birthday gifts
  • 4 Birthday party
  • 5 Looking Forward

Today I had a 4 period long revision session on Statistics and let's face it - it was boring as hell. We weren't revising the teacher just gave us mock exams to complete and that was it. I'm currently in year 11 and I'm about to take the final exam of the year, I'm looking forward to college and I hope I'll study hard. I actualy left the revision session early to go home and get ready to go see a movie.

Today by coincidence was also the oppening day to the movie "Green Lantern" and it was awesome, scary, comedic, action-packed and all around epic. I might even write a review of it but it's best …

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 16 June 2011

Doctor Who Review - Midnight

In case you’ve read my Top 11 worst DW stories blog post then you’re probably aware that I consider “Midnight” and “42” to be the worst Doctor Who episodes of the new series so far. You’re also probably aware that I didn’t talk about them too much and there are two reasons for it. 1) Talking about “Gridlock” and “The Long Game” left me with not much to say that I haven’t already said, 2) Talking about “Gridlock” caused a serious damage to my sanity so I couldn’t think of anything new. It’s been two days since I posted the Top 11 so I think I’ve recovered enough to be creative enough to give you the review of the second worst story in Doctor Who – “Midnight”. Be afraid. Be very afraid, of boringness.

Bad Science Talk about an episode that wa…

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 13 June 2011

Doctor Who Reviews - The TV Movie

Doctor Who the TV Movie was a way to continue the Doctor Who franchise but instead it came close to killing it for good this time. This movie has the stupidest plot I’ve ever seen, numerous continuity errors, and special effects on par with season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I can’t believe I’m talking about this movie just after listing the worst stories of the new series so far. To anyone who enjoyed the movie this is your worst nightmare.

  • 1 The Backstory
    • 1.1 Don’t make it a sequel
  • 2 The Story
  • 3 The Ending
  • 4 Other things happen I guess
  • 5 In Conclusion

It’s November 1992 and the “fan scholar” Adrian Rigelsford pitches the idea to BBC Enterprise to produce a television special celebrating the 30th anniversary of Doctor Who entitled “The Dark D…

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 13 June 2011

Top 11 Worst Doctor Who Episodes (new series, 1-5).

Doctor Who has been around for almost half a century and with 30+ seasons worth of episodes it’s kind of hard to say for certain what are the worst stories ever produced. And seeing how I’m mostly unfamiliar with the classic series but I’ve thoroughly memorised the new series. I’ve decided to do a top 11 worst stories of the revived series of Doctor Who (Series 1-5). “Why top 11?” It’s because I have a special episode which I’ll want to kill with a shovel.

Number 11 - Aliens of London/World War Three After the good pilot that was “Rose”, the okay story that was “The End of the World”, and the alright history piece that was “The Unquiet Dead” we’ve got the 11th worst story the new series had to offer. This episode has the stupidest looking v…

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 11 June 2011

A Good Man Goes To War

Cause I live in Australia, I only just saw A Good Man Goes To War last night. Well, I think it's still saturday in england, but for me it's last night. I thought it was brilliant. So I made this blog post to see what you thought about it.

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 10 June 2011

Dusk: New Breed

Okay, for those of you who do not know, Dusk: New Breed is a fan fiction spin-off of Doctor Who. It is set on Isle de Sanctum, an island on the planet Omega. It is based around a short story I wrote about two soldiers fighting a Dusk (Wrote it about a year ago).

Okay, so the reason I'm making this blog post is to get a list of names of people who would like to write an episode. (Only one ep per person for now. Depending on interest in other writers, more slots may be available). Okay, so just put a comment saying whether you would like to write an ep.

TF - Supreme in every way 21:41, June 10, 2011 (UTC)

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Styracosaurus Rider Styracosaurus Rider 9 June 2011

Series III (chronology?)

I know it's a bit early to start thinking about this, but since I'm possibly going to be head writer for Series 3 (not confirmed yet), we need to work out where in the chronology it is, so we can plan things accordingly.

Since Series 2 starts splitting into a parallel universe, maybe we can set S3 right after that?

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Styracosaurus Rider Styracosaurus Rider 9 June 2011

The Enemy Within Sneak Preview

Right, the time is coming, very soon, for The Enemy Within to be published. Well here I'm going to give you a few previews of what's going to happen. In the style of what Steven Moffat does in DWM.

Some words in the script (so far) are warehouse, silhouette, and Metebelis Three. (Yes, really.)

A sentence in the story is "Take me to the wreckage."

Perhaps more importantly, it's scary. It involves very nasty things happening to very nice people. (Can you make a guess as to what happens to who? And take that previous sentence more seriously than you may think.)

Oh yes, and the Doctor gets a phone call.

How's that for a preview?

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 8 June 2011

Other Works?

I know that when your waiting for others to post thier episodes you get bored of not being able to do much (because I do), so my idea is that you shoud write (or co-write) a miny series of your own! It could be related to the TV series canon or to our Wiki canon. This will also let you be more creative and show off your skills a bit more. They will be classed as proper series and posted onto the main page. But I don't want to see the proper series to be made your second priority as it is the whole point of this Wiki. Please Comment TheTrueDoc 15:32, June 8, 2011 (UTC) (Wiki Creator)

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Time Guardian Time Guardian 4 June 2011

RTD's decending history of series finales

Have you guys ever noticed that Russell T Davies' series finales have become worse and worse with every series. It's one of the few oddities in writing that I've found interesting. But before I talk about the individual series finale I'll sum up how I felt about all four of them in 15 words or less.

  1. The Parting of the Ways - A simply excellent ending, it just shows that Doctor Who is back in town.
  2. Doomsday - An action packed ending to an action packed series.
  3. Last of the Time Lords - a little lackluster ending but still enjoyable.

As you can see "The Parting of the Ways" was brilliant but this was a slow decent down to mediocre territory.

  • 1 The Parting of the Way…

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 21 May 2011

Series II Companion

For Series II, I'm thinking of replacing Rory with another male companion. I'm currently working on the character now. So I made this blog to ask your opinion whether you want Rory to go and get replaced, or not. If you want Rory to stay, I'll just work the character into an episode.

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 3 May 2011

River Song

Does anybody mind if i do the River episodes as i have got a miny ark set for her?

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TheTrueDoc TheTrueDoc 30 April 2011

Story Ark

We need to get the story ark worked out so we can start writing episodes.

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Styracosaurus Rider Styracosaurus Rider 30 April 2011

Any ideas

I know Tennantfan has already made a similar post for Dusk, and I need a bit of help too. For my two-parter, The War of Theta Kappa/Forgotten Monsters, I know a bit already, but I still haven't figured out just who the aliens in this war are. Any thoughts?

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 29 April 2011

Series I finale!

I was thinking, for the finale, as I'm helping to write it, I would ask YOU what alien race you would like to make a cameo in the first part. I plan on the Dusk having a minor role, but which other race?

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PhotonCommander10 PhotonCommander10 28 April 2011


One word. Dusk. A time of day. But now, a Doctor Who alien. I thought I'd let you guys help with ideas. Daleks and Cybermen, probably the most iconic creatures in Doctor Who. But I've decided to make an alien that returns several times, like the two species mentioned beforehand. So add a comment telling what you think would be great for this new alien. I've already decided on their basic appearance, but can you make them better?

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