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atlantis is the sixth episode of season zero. it stars christopher eccleston walter foley and kimberly williams.


all three doctors from the new series must help each other to save atlantis and there lives.


The 9nth, 10nth and 11nth doctors tardisis lands in the city of Atlantis were there tardisis lock before there companions (Martha noble, Stephan, Amy pond and Maratha Jones) can get out. It is explained that if 3 of the same tardis land to close they will lock for a time. Just then the city is hit by an earth quake and the doctors note that the city doesn’t have its shields up. The doctors decide to split up. The 10nth doctor finds that the earth quake was caused by a sea devil attack. He is caught in a battle between the Atlantis guard and the sea devils. He manages to get inside one of the tardisis witch turns out to be the 11nths. The 10nth doctor has a hard time making Amy believe he is the doctor. He then discovers that he can disable the sea devils ships with the tardis and he does so. Meanwhile the 9nth doctor has been brought before Atlantis’s queen who orders him to be put to death. He escapes to the museum were the 11nth doctor is trying to disarm a device witch has lowered the city’s shields. After a discussion about weather or not fezzes are cool the 11nth doctor distracts a Atlantis patrol the 9nth rigs the device to explode and both meet the 10nth back at the tardisis. The doctors say goodbye and enter there ships. The 9nth triggers the device to blow up raising the shields and propelling the doctors back into there own time lines.