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Archie McArthur is the current leader of Torchwood 5 and (after the destruction of all other Torchwood cells) the director of the entire Institute.


Torchwood 2Edit

Not much is known about his life during his tenure as Torchwood 2's leader. It's known that he had frequent conversations over the phone with Jack Harkness, and ofter wrote humourous letters to Owen Harper, he was regarded by his co-workers as a very strange man.


When Torchwood 2's effectiveness was deemed "lower than acceptable" the branch was closed and the three active agents Archie, Donald McShane (the field medic), and Cassandra Robinson (the technology expert) were relieved of duty and given new lives to live.

The Return of the CovenantEdit

Exactly one year after the 456 crisis, Archie returns home to discover that Cassandra (who became his flat mate after Torchwood 2's closure) was murdered. After escaping more assassins with the aid of the mysterious River Song he quickly regroups with Donald who barely survived his own assassination attempt. After dodging another assassination at a hotel the trio are contacted by the Torchwood 4 agents Douglas and Jessica O'Hara who mysteriously disappeared along with the rest of their team nearly 4 years ago who inform them that the hits on their lives were ordered by an organization known as the Covenant. Archie recognizes the name as a terrorist organization that operated in the 1960s known for using alien technology, supposedly destroyed in a joint UNIT/Torchwood operation. Knowing that it would be impossible to destroy UNIT the Covenant tried to eradicate Torchwood (implying that they are responsible for Torchwood 4's disappearance and the 456 crisis). After the trio rendezvous with the O'Hara siblings in the Torchwood base underneath the Thames flood barrier the new Torchwood team plans to put an end to the Covenant's plans.

Torchwood 5Edit




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