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Altairian Carrions are an energy based race from the planet Altair.

Altairian Carrion's
What they look like on there home planet.


Energy Based

Also known as:


Generatory Carrion's

Navitas Res


The Dead of Light (In progress)

Fixed Time (In Progress)

Place of Origin:


Notable Individuals:

Jayden Simons

Alexander Avon

Ailsa Parthenope

Altairian Carrion

As well as being made of energy, they feed on it. They have time travel capability, and often cause paradoxes to create energy. They are intelligent and have highly advanced technology.

Their home planet is connected by a technological field, which allows them to converse with only their minds.

They often send scouts to earth, then send distress signals into space, drawing the Doctor to earth so they can feed off the energy in the TARDIS.


Time Displacer- Time travelling technology that can be used on anything in between an atom and a galaxy.

Macorosal Generatory Transfer Driver- A device used to transfer all power in the universe to one location.

Vortasial Tradictator- Used to make paradoxes possible, and also to contain the energy made by them.

Ordnancial Arbalest- The primary weapon used by the Altairians, that shoots bullets charged with an electric shock.